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Determining the easiest business majors depends on what you deem as difficult. If you want a degree with less math, go for a BABA ; if you want a degree with no creativity requirements, go for Economics and Finance majors. The employment of supply chain management professionals is expected to grow by 30% from 2020 to 2030, much faster than the average for all professions . If you are good at what you do, a major in supply chain management can get you far. An SCM encompasses the design and planning of supply chain activities, along with the execution, control, and monitoring to help businesses build a competitive infrastructure and create net value. Also known as consultants, management analysts are in demand because of their input into improving an organization’s efficiency.

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  • Business management graduates report an impressive average salary increase after completing their degree at Western Governors University.
  • Other degrees in business are specialized in a single area—from accounting and finance to marketing and human resources.
  • An MBA becomes necessary if you’ve already worked for 2-3 years and therefore can’t get into IB via analyst programs.
  • They’re not as intensive or in-depth as traditional MBAs, but the programs can give you a solid overview of foundational business subjects at a lower cost.

An MBA is a functional generalist degree that exposes you to all aspects of business. Rather than diving deeply into any one function, it’s designed manchester music studios to provide cross-functional leadership skills that help you strategically and holistically manage a business. Showing up for class, reading relevant chapters, and doing your homework on time will greatly reduce the difficulty of classes. For an online education, you can expect to save around 50% of a tradition learning experience. Because I was interested in technology, I decided to learn how to code and make money which lead me to digital marketing.

If you can’t get into a top school, consider fields outside of banking and private equity. Then it’s only a matter of time before you quit, get fired, pick up a drug habit, or begin your prescription medication for medical-related problems brought on by stress and depression. As formal education became less of a luxury and more of a necessity over the years, almost all graduate institutions saw an increase in applications.

In The End, Is Business School Worth It?

I have worked through the years hours a week providing for my daughter and self without government assistance. I have recently hurt my arm, pulled rotary cuff, not bad but doctor has advised no more lifting babies nor transferring elderly patients. My typing skills are poor since I have predisposed carpal tunnel syndrome. It does not hurt unless I am typing constantly like as a secretary or pharmacy technician.


The educational background of Marvin Ellison, the president and chief executive officer of Lowe’s, is quite similar. Like Marillyn Hewson, he has both a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree, though his degrees are in marketing and business administration respectively. He has worked for several companies before his time with Lowe’s and was an executive for Home Depot and J.C. For many students, obtaining a graduate degree in business is a good idea for those without a solid foundation in the business world. Because you’ll learn many of the same concepts as those with a bachelor’s degree – it’s not always a good use of time and money.

You can choose to complete a second major, a minor and/or elective units within your degree to create a well-rounded education. Choose from a wide range of majors, including Management, Marketing, Finance, Global Business, and Enterprise and Innovation. The practical skills you learn can be easily transferred to just about any future career imaginable. You’ll learn to think critically, communicate effectively, conduct and lead research, and problem solve effectively. This means you’ll be fully prepared for the multidisciplinary nature of business.

There are many different job opportunities you can obtain with a business degree while the degree is not difficult to get. Luckily for you, I’ll show you if a business degree is worth your time and money. I’ll show you if it’s hard or easy to obtain a business degree and how much you could pay for college. You’ll be one step closer to figuring out if business is right for you.

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Business Degree?

Other topics include calculating and evaluating formulas, measures of uncertainty, crash costs, and visual representation of decision-making models using electronic spreadsheets and graphs. Project Management prepares students to manage projects from start to finish within any organizational structure. The course presents a view into different project management methods and delves into topics such as project profiling and phases, constraints, building the project team, scheduling, and risk. This course helps students grasp the full scope of future projects and apply the proper management approaches to complete a project.

Administrative services and facilities managers often work for larger organizations, such as manufacturing firms or educational facilities. They are responsible for maintaining a productive, healthy, and safe work environment with adequate equipment and supplies. They may also provide administrative support to an organization by managing clerical staff and maintaining the organization’s records.

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