I am Matchmaking Two Men immediately. Is The Fact That OK?

Reader Question:

I was unmarried for three many years and I also’m only stepping-out into the dating world after a 13-year relationship that ended in a split up. I have satisfied men who were a letdown but finally encountered a really great and polite guy. We now have gone on three dates, and this finally go out we were on he astonished me personally with a kiss good-night. We have additionally satisfied another guy whom I’ve only already been out with when, but he may seem like an enjoyable guy additionally.

Could it possibly be okay up to now one or more man at a time? How do you know just who the correct one is actually for me?

-Christina (Colorado)

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s Answer:

Christina: Great concern! Yes, it is positively OK to date more than one man at once. Remember, dates are interviews. You will be determining just who to simply take to your company in a collaboration place, and you much better be discerning.

What exactly is maybe not okay is going to be having sexual intercourse with more than one person without their permission. Swapping germs and dispersing all of them around the town just isn’t a beneficial girlfriend step.

It is also perhaps not OK to sit. If either man asks if you are exclusive with him, be honest. While one of those begins to purchase you love you are a unique girlfriend, start splitting the expense.

Nothing tends to make a guy madder than locating their lady is actually watching another man with his wallet was actually dumped the screen.

Take some time. Love internet dating. You’re in control here while control the speed of both connections.

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